Product Photography

Product Photography

for small & large businesses

Product photography comes in all shapes and sizes. From e-commerce to lifestyle shots.

I can produce images such as this bracelet which required a white background for displaying on Etsy and Amazon, or a more complex shot like the brioche buns below.

Lifestyle shots show the image in context. Much like his wildlife, wherever possible Roger prefers to shoot products in their natural environment, doing the job it was designed to do. This enables the item to be seen in the best light, thereby increasing its market appeal.

Clients include The Shropshire Joinery Company, Totely Bags, Charika Creations, Happy Candles and more.

Roger will happily discuss your photography requirements, and work with your vision. Why not email or call for a chat.

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Online/Print Product Photography

product showcasing

As well as shooting products at business locations, where products can be staged to increase their market appeal.

Roger also shoots products in his studio, normally for inclusion in his client’s e-commerce stores, such as Etsy & Amazon.

Images are produced with a clean white background which is ideal for presenting on your e-commerce websites and other online platforms.

Depending on customer requirements Roger may charge by the day, for the complete job or per product. Discounts are available for larger catalogs.

Why not contact Roger for a chat about his product photography fees, he will asses the shoot requirements and get back to you with a quote.

Phone: 07855 348 956


Fees & Costs for product photography

Larger shoots using lights, and involving several days of post production are approximately £1,000 – £2,000 + travel, 

Costs include post production – optimising the images, light retouching and delivery via a transfer site and image usage.

Smaller less complicated shoots, up to half a day on location range from £550.00 – £900.00 + travel, (VAT and Post production included.)

For most companies all the usage rights are included. The images will be perfect for websites, social media channels, brochures and all other forms of marketing.

Major advertising, posters, newspaper adverts etc are not included but can easily be added for a negotiated fee either before or after the shoot at competitive rates. VAT is included on all commissions.

Having professional commercial imagery helps your company project its style, quality, and value. 

Phone: 07855 348 956

Product Optimisation

search engine optimisation

One aspect of the e-commerce package that the majority of companies totally forget about is SEO, (search engine optimisation), where the product page is optimised to rank as a standalone in the SERPs, (search engine result pages.)

Having your product pages optimised using SEO techniques will make a huge difference to your product visibility and sales.

Current prices for product photography and SEO packages: –

  • SEO per 5 complete product pages – £275
  • SEO per 10 complete product pages – £499)
  • If you have a larger catalog with more than 10 products – please call to discuss.

In order to highlight the difference between a product page that has been optimised and one that has not, please take a look at the two links below.

Optimised product page

Non-optimised product page

Roger is an expert in SEO & Online Marketing, so why not call or email to arrange to have a chat about his product photography and SEO fees.

Phone: 07855 348 956