Product Photography for Amazon

Why is your product photography for Amazon so important?

Amazon is considered the most valuable brand worldwide and if you want to be a successful seller on this extremely competitive platform, then you have to understand that product images are crucial to your success.

Without a doubt the main goal of any product listing is sales. Once a potential customer arrives on your product page, it will be your images, (backed up by the sales pitch), which will sell your product.

the eyes buy – images sell

I have said this before, but your images have to stand out. There are literally hundreds of identical or nearly identical products for sale on Amazon. The majority of visitors do not get as far as reading the listing text, if the image does not grab their attention they move on; it is ruthless and relentless.

You have literally seconds to convince a potential customer to click on the thumbnail which represents your listing. If they get that far then the remaining images have to do the job of making them understand what it is that you are selling, and the benefits to them of having that product in their life. As the customer cannot physically touch the product, your images need to be crystal clear and professional.

People visiting Amazon are not there to research, they are there to buy!

A Guide to Amazon Product Photography Image Requirements

It is vital that you follow Amazon Product Photography guidelines if you plan to sell your products on their platform. I thought it might be useful for you to have a list of their requirements for your images.

  • Ensure your images accurately represent the product you are selling.
  • Your main product and its features must be clearly visible.
  • Your main images should have a pure white background to blend in with the Amazon search and product details page, hence this is mandatory. Pure white represented in RGB is 255,255,255
  • It is a requirement for you to use professional photos for your main products – graphics, illustrations, mockup-up ior placeholder images are not allowed. You can only show included accessories – props can confuse the customers.
  • The image resolution must be at least 1600 pixels on the longest side, though it is recommended to have at least 2000 – it helps with the zoom function when the mouse is hovered over the product images.
  • Images must not exceed 10,000 pixels, but in reality that resolution is so high it is not needed.
  • It is better too upload JPEG images – Amazon will compress and convert them anyway.
  • Amazon does not support animated GIF images, but you can upload video,
  • Images must be family friendly.
  • If you are selling shoes, the main image must be of a single shoe, facing left at 45 degree angle,. This helps with the search page – all shoes will be uniform in how they are presented to the Amazon customer. You can photograph both shoes and additional angles with the supporting images.
  • If you are selling Women’s or Men’s clothing, the main image must be shot on a model.
  • Do not use models for any of the images for Kids & Baby Clothing .
  • All images should be photographed flat

You can leave the pure white background to me, just as you can let me worry about the size and format of your images.

Shooting in a Studio

All the images I shoot are shot on a clear white background in a studio. The white background showcases your product in its simplest form, (you can read more here.) It communicates to the customer the exact product you are selling. Your HERO or MAIN product image will always be a white background studio shot. In this instance the owner, Charika Creations, wanted their brand incorporated into the final image.

product photography for amazon

Uind Infographics in your Product Photography for Amazon

What is an infographic? It is simply an image with embedded explanations aimed at helping your customer understand the product more easily. Here is an example.

product photography for amazon

An infographic is a very powerful tool. They can use text or graphics alongside the main image to highlight unique details of your product. This helps the customer understand at a glance, more about the product. It might be the difference between making a sale and not. Why they buy your product over a competitors and why they might pay more for your product.

You provide me with the information regarding the unique features of your product and I will take the detail shots that show these features. 

The features can literally be anything relating to the product, from texture to measurements or scale. Images showing scale are very useful to customers with certain products.

Using Scale

Combing your image with another to give an idea of scale is a great way to show customers how big your product actually is. 

project photography fshowing scale

Grouped Product Shots

Group shots are useful images when you sell multiple products of the same variety. They can show differences between what appear to be identical products, or as in this case a pair of earrings.

Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle images are an essential part of any listing, they help customer envisage their life with your product. They are typically editorial style with clean, crisp unbranded props which complement your product.

product photography

Pack Shots

This type of shot allows the seller to showcase the whole package, and the effort they have put into designing and developing both the product and the packaging. Having an image of your packaging also reinforces your brand image. 

Please note you should only have a packaging shot if it is necessary to help promote your product; avoid it if the packaging does not add to the buying experience as it could have a detrimental effect.

happy place candle and box side by side

Using Models in your Product Photography for Amazon

Lifestyle shots can be really powerful in your product photography for Amazon. They allow the customer to visualise having your product in their lives.

Depending on the particular product, I might recommend hiring a model to showcase your product. Having a model illustrates how a customer may use or wear the product. If they can visualise using the product then they are more likely to purchase.

I work with a local modelling agency to ensure you have the correct model for your target market. If you would like model please state your requirements: gender, age range, fitness level & attire. Prices vary, so I will provide costs before going ahead with this style of product shoot.