Event Photography

Event Photography

promoting your events

Roger takes photographs for a range of corporate events. These images are used for promoting the company on its website, brochures and all types of marketing, helping businesses of all sizes promote their products and services.

Working directly with companies, or through advertising agencies and design groups recent assignments have included portraits for company reports, photographs of industrial facilities, interiors and products. read more

Why not give Roger a call or email to discuss photographing your events.

Phone: 07855 348 956

Event Photography Pricing

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Event shoots including several days of post production are priced as follows: –

  • half a day on location £575 + travel
  • full day event £975 – £1495 + travel
  • multi-day event £875 per day + travel & accommodation if required

Costs include post production – optimising the images, light retouching and delivery via a transfer site and image rights usage.

For most companies all the usage rights are included. The images will be perfect for websites, social media channels, brochures and all other forms of marketing.

Usage rights for major advertising, posters, newspaper adverts etc are not included but can easily be added for a negotiated fee either before or after the shoot at competitive rates.

VAT is included on all commissions.

Having professional event photography helps your company project its style, quality, and value to the local community as a whole. Why not call or email Roger to discuss your event photography requirements.

Phone: 07855 348 956