Commercial Photography

for companies & Organisations

Whatever the size of your business, Roger can help improve its image, promote its values and increase customer engagement.

Clients include training and education agencies, dental practices, industrial manufacturers, and all types of UK businesses. Commissions can include corporate portraits, building and office interiors and architecture, products and industrial processes, almost anything that can be photographed.

Roger will happily discuss your photography requirements, and work with your vision. Why not email or call for a chat.

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Fees & Costs for commercial photography

Larger shoots using lights, and involving several days of post production are approximately £1,800.00 – £2,200.00 + travel,  Costs include post production – optimising the images, light retouching and delivery via a transfer site and image usage. Smaller less complicated shoots, up to half a day on location range from £550.00 – £900.00 + travel, (VAT is included.) Post production included.

For most companies all the usage rights are included. The images will be perfect for websites, social media channels, brochures and all other forms of marketing. Major advertising, posters, newspaper adverts etc are not included but can easily be added for a negotiated fee either before or after the shoot at competitive rates. VAT is included on all shoots.

Corporate portraits are charged by a set up fee plus the number of people being photographed, more information and examples of costs are on the corporate portraits page

Having professional commercial imagery helps your company project its style, quality, and value. 

Phone: 07855 348 956