A little about me – Roger Chapman

Hello my name is Roger, welcome to my website where you can explore the photographic services I offer.

Whatever the size of your business, I believe I can help improve its image, promote its values and increase its customer engagement.

Clients include training and education agencies, dental practices, industrial manufacturers, online traders, in fact all types of UK businesses.

Commissions can include corporate portraits, building and office interiors and architecture, products and industrial processes, almost anything that can be photographed.

Each of the services I offer has its own page. It includes details of the service and associated pricing. However, I do understand that a lot of jobs do not fit into a ‘box’ so if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for please call or email.

Please feel free to browse the site, email or call if you have any questions. If you go as far as purchasing one of my services, then I thank you.

Roger Chapman

roger chapman photography